EBE Industrial                            Phone:  (815) 379-2400

507 W North St                             Fax:  (815) 379-2449

PO Box 160                                  Website:  www.ebeindustrial.com

                      Walnut, IL 61376                          E-Mail:  info@ebeindustrial.com


Founded in 1995, EBE Industrial started as a small two man repair shop.  With the beginning of this business came a tradition of excellence and advancement.  That two man repair shop eventually grew to include larger machining capabilities, a full engineering team, and much more.


In 2007, EBE Industrial was acquired by JC Cross Co.  With this partnership came the ability to expand our repair/service capabilities.  We now service all types of processing equipment.  From rotary valves to pumps and blowers, we are your one stop machine shop.

JC Cross Co.