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Erosion Problems

Certain chemicals and products can cause erosion in rotary valves.  The units come into our facility with holes in the rotor pockets, holes in the end caps, or extreme wear in the housing.  Working with you as a customer, we will work to design a package that will work with your application.  Below, you will find pictures of some units with severe erosion (either abrasive or corrosive).

Above is a rotor (left) and housing bore (right) with severe corrosive and abrasive wear.  EBE Industrial is able to utilize a corrosive and abrasive wear package in this unit to maximize valve potential.

The above picture on the left shows a unit with severe corrosive wear.   The rotor has holes in the pockets (circled in red) and the housing was not able to be used due to severe wear.  The unit was failing every 6-9 months.  The picture on the right shows the unit after 18 months of service.  The rotor was still intact.  The holes in the rotor pockets were not present.  The housing was able to be re-machined and the unit is currently back in service.

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