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Specialty Airlocks

Do you have a valve that is no longer manufactured by the OEM?  How about a specific location that you need to have an airlock made to fit?  EBE Industrial can help with that.  Our engineers are able to draw a unit from the bottom up to your specifications.  Below, you will find examples of items that we have built to accommodate a customer’s needs or that have been remanufactured/upgraded by EBE Industrial.    

This valve was fabricated for a steam application.  It includes water jacketed end plates and housing.

This valve and stand were fabricated to accommodate a polymer application.

This Crown rotary valve was brought in for repair and upgraded to include our “Super Seal” package.

This valve is utilized in the pasta industry.

This valve is a highly specialized, EBE designed cooker valve that includes coatings for quick release of product from the rotor pockets, timed blow off electronic equipment to purge the rotor pockets, steam jackets, and inlet chutes that include a partition plate for proper displacement of air.

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